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A Strong Core

In late 2017, I started working out with a personal trainer. My own exercise program had fallen by the wayside, and so I decided to take the plunge of accountability. It was a bit scary at first, not knowing exactly what I'd gotten into or what to expect.

Even scarier was the second time we met. In the big gym. Where I would be seen. By people who knew me. But nobody pointed fingers, nobody laughed; instead we just did our thing.

Now that I've been with my trainer for a while, I've learned that no matter what exercises we do, we always do something that builds the core. The core. Our trunk. that center of our bodies that helps stabilize us. Having a strong core is essential to physical health; a strong core helps the whole body.

Having a strong spiritual core is essential , too. Just like with physical exercise, distractions a-plenty can get in the way of strengthening our spiritual core. We know the commitments, distractions and excuses that trip us up.

But also just like with physical exercise, we can strengthen those spiritual core muscles that have gotten weak and maybe even a bit flabby. Worship, service, generosity, gratitude, learning and prayer are core muscles of a healthy spirituality. When we don't pay attention to these, our bodies and our life as the body of Christ are weakened.

When we engage the core, though, we are stronger and we are better able to help ourselves and others in our regular walks and in our faith walks.

With all that I've learned from my trainer and through my workouts, I've found it easier to try to stay healthier and to pay attention to my core.

Our spiritual cores deserve the same kind of attention and nourishment. During the remainder of the Lenten season and beyond, really, I encourage us all to find ways to strengthen our spiritual core. A circuit training approach of worship, service, generosity, gratitude, learning and prayer may be just the ticket to jump-start your spiritual health.

Let's build strong spiritual cores together, with Christ ever at the center.

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