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Thanks for the Party

Thank you, St. Timothy Lutheran Church, for the thoughtful and fun celebration of my 25th anniversary of ordination. The warmth, class and good humor of the day made it extra special for me, my family, our guests and all the worshipers.

I am grateful for the faithful support of the synod of my ministry these past 25 years as expressed in person by Pr. Steve Brackett as our preacher and by the letter of commendation shared from Bishop Steve Ullestad.

Thank you to Lola Kapaun, president, and the church council for the altar flowers, the picture board, the tulips and their gift; to Susan Entriken, Tara Kane, and our Wed. Ed students for the children's message; to Julie Anderson for the special music she played throughout the service, which was an extra delight for our family, and to Joyce King and the Women of the ELCA for hosting the reception and providing the cake.

Thank you to all who were able to join in the worship service and to all who shared hugs, cards, gifts and congratulatory wishes. What fun to share a special day with so many dear people!

Thank you again for making a ministry milestone so memorable. I'm grateful for you partnership.

It's great to look back over one's career, but it doesn't stop there. God keeps calling us forward, so forward we travel together, stepping into the bright future that God continues to create. Thanks be!

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