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Worship is the Best Routine

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get back into a routine. It's been something, this summer, living and working amid a construction zone. It's all for a good cause, of course, as we renovate a facility to carry us into the next stages of our mission and ministry in the 21st century. And I'm grateful for what we're accomplishing together for those who will come after us.

Still, it's been different. Things aren't where they're supposed to be, our worship space has been dramatically different than that of the sanctuary, and the staff has been displaced or deployed. But we have praised God together in spite of it all.

It's also been a hard summer in our neck of the woods. We've had grief and tragedy in our families, in our towns and in our community of faith. There are lots of questions with very few answers. All of that and more takes a toll on our spirits and our psyches.

But God has been faithful. We've had guests at worship all summer long because people see this as a congregation that does things and that cares; we've stayed in the black thanks to generous giving, we've cheered our students on, we've sung some new songs and we've continued to extend the care of St. Timothy.

We've also learned about ourselves and each other. Whenever we've needed help with the renovation tasks, for example, this congregation has responded faithfully and done amazing work with each renovation-related move we've had. One more phase of the renovation, and then we'll rearrange things yet again, which will help us live in our new space. So we're not quite put back together completely, but we're much closer.

Fall brings with it a return of a familiar schedule and many routines. I hope part of your fall routine includes regular worship. It's been different this summer in the fellowship hall, but we've tried to make the best of it, because that's what people of faith do.

As I was watching them clean the cross and the wall and put the altar lights in, my heart was happy. It'll be good to be back in the sanctuary, to live and worship together underneath the iconic cross of St. Timothy, under the cross of Christ that leads us and guides us and proclaims love and forgiveness.

I hope to see you in church soon. Oh, and use the front doors now, so we can get back into that routine!

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